XI To XII Coordinator

Mrs E. Wilson

Excellence in academics is the need of the hour which can be achieved through effort , practice ,creative thinking and zeal. In order to provide quality education to all its pupils .We at Mary Lucas School & College keep the above in mind and move forward each year.

Whether its the first day of the new session, week or month our students have lots to look forward to. And , like in all institutions our day also begins with the morning assembly. This daily feature gives our students the opportunity to exhibit their talents and at the same time prepares them to rise upto every occasion.

Allowing for variation in the academic arena of different batches and streams of students, plus the consequent fluctuation in the Board Results, it would be fair enough to say that on the whole. Our results have been fairly good. And through this feature we would like to congratulate all of them. Although we feel that at this stage of their life what really matters is the values they will take with them into the wide world outside rather than the works or grades. What he or she becomes as a humanbeing will matter infinitely more than the marks obtained.

Besides the formal education our students are also prepared and exposed to informal education through various on-stage, off-stage intra and inter school competitions, seminars and workshops. All though the year they get opportunities to participate in events and competitions, for example there are various clubs where in teachers organize and prepare students for debates, education, quiz etc for students to exhibit their competitive skills. Events like rangoli, face and nail painting ,poster making etc to display their artistic and creative skills. The School organizes annual features like the M.L.S. fest , Art, Craft and Science exhibition and the Annual sports and P.T Display.

The Students under the able guidance of the teachers also put up programmes based on environmental issues. Worth mentioning in the free plantation, save earth and the Ganga clean Abhiyan by making the city polythene free for the forth coming 2013 Maha Kumbh at the confluence of the Ganga and Yamuna. The contribution of the teachers, students and the cooperation of the parents in organizing a wonderful Christmas Programme for the parents and invites to partake in the joy of Christmas. Thus we can say that we try our best to relieve the children from the tension of studies and they look forward to picnics and excursion.

As the year comes to an end we thank the Lord Almighty for showering his blessings upon the Mary Lucas family and hope to get the continuing support of the Principal and the Staff Member.

Mrs E. Wilson
College Co-ordinator