Nur To II Coordinater

“Learning is not attained by chance , It must be sought for with ardor & diligence” - Abigail Adams  

  “Education is no substitute for pure raw talent. However , it is a good foundation on which talent may be built “ - David Allio


  We teach the whole child.
At Mary Lucas School , we don’t just teach subjects , we teach students.

Our education environment is as much about teaching as it is about learning.
Our teachers are passionately committed to their students and they are powerful adult mentors to each child.
Our faculty is empowered in creating and developing motivational responsive curriculum & instructional approaches.

I am delighted with the launch of our school’s new website .And by the way , I would like to compliment the school Choir on their wonderful performance.
The vibrancy of this school community is reflected in the choir.
The commitment by the management , teachers , parents & pupils to the progressive development of Mary Lucas School augurs very well for its future.

I know that this new addition to the school will be greatly appreciated and that , in the capable hands of the principal Dr. Miss. L.R. Anthony & the teaching staff , it will be fully utilized for the benefit of the students.

I would like to pay tribute to the initiative of the school community in setting up this website & in particular , to the work of the school’s Information Technology Committee in putting in place such as valuable resource. 




  Mrs D. Medley 

                                                                                Junior Section Coordinator